The NEET Strategy Forum (managed by Bryson Care) has established this Web Based Tool designed to be used as an information source to profile organisations who provide services specifically aimed at reducing the numbers of young people who are, or at risk of, becoming NEET (Not in Education, Training or Employment). The Tool has been designed in a way to allow NEET organisations to be added or to update their information. An essential component is the clear geographical visualisation of information.

The NEET Strategy Forum was convened in June 2010 to enable those working in the voluntary and community sector to share information and concerns, and to influence the development of a Strategy for young people who are not in education, employment and training (NEET). That main aim was successfully achieved, with publication of the Northern Ireland (NI) Executive NEET Strategy ‘Pathways to Success’ in June 2012.

The aim and purpose of the Forum is to enable voluntary and community sector organisations to influence the effective implementation of ‘Pathways to Success’ over the initial implementation period (2012-2016). There are over 60 organisations currently represented on the Forum.

The Forum is formally recognised as part of the organisational arrangements for taking forward the ‘Pathways to Success’ Strategy. Key priorities for the Forum are specifically identified as:

  • Provide better co-operation and integration of voluntary and community sector activity to address the NEET issue;
  • Act as a source of best practice advice on community initiatives, for example, on assessment of needs, mentoring and family support; this will include the promotion of accreditation and approval of standards;
  • Provide for better engagement and involvement of young people in developments and initiatives; and
  • Consider the application of the empowerment principles developed by the European Social Fund (ESF) Learning Network to assist with overcoming the barriers found by ESF participants who are in the NEET category.